Welcome to www.BseenBsafe.com

BseenBsafe.com is an initiative by Sharp Images to sensitize companies on the importance of visibility for their families, employees, friends, customers and their fleet.

Statistics show that most accidents that involve long haul vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists at night are as a result of poor visibility. Many of these accidents could have easily been avoided if the victims or vehicles had reflective gear.

This website is dedicated to launching retro reflective tape, reflective clothing and visibility related promo- materials. In addition the website is informative on various related topics example first aid tips, traffic signs, black spots, etc.

Retro reflective tape which is the main product promoted under the bseen-bsafe promotion has drastically reduced under ride- related road carnage in various parts of the world by as much as 40 %. Having a guarantee of 7 years the product is the most cost effective way to achieving visibility and peace of mind.

Other benefits include saving money and enhancing your corporate image. We look forward to the day that all trucks, trailers, tankers, buses have retro reflective tape and the efforts to help stop road carnage are not in vain. Equip your fleet and encourage your various market sectors to do the same because you never know who the next under ride victim is?

Thank you for visiting the site and God Bless you